Tearing Up the Sidewalk

save123On Monday, June 8th, more than 50 people involved in the 123 Community Space marched from 123 Tompkins to Councilmember Al Vann’s office at 613 Throop Ave to demand that he step in to prevent our eviction.  Before our march began, ‘community affairs’ cops from the 79th precinct came by the space to try and get us information out of us, but the 123 folks weren’t having it, and we took off down the street with the cops trailing us.  Two cops stood out for being particularly sketchy, and when approached refused to give names or badge numbers.  If you see these two, say hello:


"So I says to them, I don't got a badge number, I says"











At Al Vann’s office, we were met by a representative who initially seemed annoyed, but then invited in two folks from our crew to come in and discuss our demands.  While inside, he placed a call to our landlord, Meyer Friedman, who reportedly ‘shit his pants'(confirmation pending).  The representative assured us that he would get back to us the following day to report back on Al Vann’s response, and we left with things looking positive.

However, it’s no suprise to anyone that as anarchists we’re not counting on help from politicians.  We will be happy to accept Mr. Vanns support, but we’re going to keep marching, keep yelling and keep doing whatever else we have to save our space.  We’re going to keep fighting until the last landlord leaves Bed-Stuy!




One response to “Tearing Up the Sidewalk

  1. y’all are making NY proud! I know there are plenty of times when the odds seem stacked against you…I know I feel that way. But you’ve got supporters, and you can and will win, for the simple reason that you know your cause is just!


    Solidarity always.

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