This is a quick temporary post

Hey All,

Just wanted to give the news as quick as possible about what happened in court today.  The landlords and their lawyer cried alot about harassment, and we were set a trial date for June 25th(will confirm this date later today).  There will be a full post up earlier, but wanted to tell everyone that basically not too much happened today.


One response to “This is a quick temporary post

  1. I’ll let the blog editor post an update to the June 11 court hearing when s/he’s ready. But for now: I inscribed a t-shirt with the words Save Our Space on the front, the opening initials lined up to read SOS, and on the rear, the legend 123 4Ever. I also carried into the courtroom and around the Court building a flower-profuse branch that had fallen off a tree as a love offering to the powers-that-be. It was noted, and there was talk about it. I am sending photos separately so the editor can decide whether/ how to upload them

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