The Dark Past of the Friedmans

Tweedle Meyer and Tweedle Yoel

Tweedle Meyer and Tweedle Yoel

Many have asked us “who are these dastardly people who want to kick out a community space, with the only possible intention of saying ‘fuck you’ to Bed-Stuy and ‘come on in’ to yuppies?”  Well, we feel it’s about time to answer that question with a brief profile of our landlords Yoel and Mayer Friedman, pictured above.

In doing research on the many and varied ways that the Friedmans have fucked over tenants across Brooklyn, we discovered a number of interesting points.  First, Mayer is adept at creating ‘shell companies’, or business entities that while they are all owned by him, make it appear as though his properties have changed hands.  While he has 97 property listings in the city database, only 40-50 are actual properties.  Washington Mutual(or whatever bank it has become since the collapse of capitalism) is listed as a partner on almost all of these holdings, so perhaps they would be interested to know about it.

On the slumlord tip, we have received anonymous reports of the Friedmans charging their tenants monthly fees for such extravagant items as intercoms or front doors.  We at 123 can attest to the absurdly bad craftmanship the Friedmans use.  For example, the improperly installed windows that have fallen on top of people’s heads on multiple occassions, or the way that they didn’t bother to level out the floor before they installed tile, so that now nearly every tile is cracked.  But it’s all worth it, since we’ve read in the NY Times real estate section that $2000 a month is a steal.  If only some more funky little shops could open nearby…

And finally, we would like to point out the violations that we discovered in the Friedman’s properties.  You can check out the extensive list of violations  here .  To the Friedman’s credit, we would just like to make clear that they are are only 2 of many landlords across Brooklyn who are fucking people over.  So Meyer and Yoel, when you inevitably read this, know that we’re giving credit where credit is due: You are just doing your job as a member of a class that leeches out as much money from real people as you possible can.  If you disagree, maybe you could get your landlord buddies to hold a rally outside 123 or something.  Or better yet, maybe you could just get the fuck out of Brooklyn.


One response to “The Dark Past of the Friedmans

  1. It’s motherfuckers like these that have driven out my fellow neighbors that I have known since knee-high. Bed-Stuy is still Bed-Stuy Do or Die. And it’s going to take a fucking class war to keep it that way. I welcome people like New World in our Hearts. It takes a brave bunch of people who are new to the neighborhood to stand up to the Man and fight for everyone in the neighborhood, to that I say: Power to the People! The yuppies who move here swear they know more about New York than any other Native New Yorker. They don’t know a damn thing, PERIOD!!! Let us all boot Bloomberg back to Hell where he belongs along with all of his draconian real estate associates!

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