Court Report

Victory!  Kind of...?

Victory! Kind of...?

So here’s the story.  Today, volunteers from the 123 Community Space showed up at court, waited a long time, and then the Friedman’s lawyer showed up and stayed for 1 minute.  What was the result?  We signed a ‘stipulation’ that kicks us out on September 30th.  The entirety of the stipulation will be posted once we have it.

One of the requirements, however, is that Yoel and Meyer Friedman’s numbers and photos be taken down off the blog. To make sure that we fully comply with this request, we have taken the additional steps of contacting both the White Pages and the Internet, and have asked both of them to removed Yoel and Meyer Friedman’s numbers from their databases, as well as any contact information for their holding companies Tompkins Villas or Myrtle Palace.  The authors of this blog would particularly like to thank Google for making this information inaccessible.

In other news, we would like to reiterate.  We are *still* being evicted, and it should be viewed as such.  The battle against landlords will continue until there aren’t any people leeching off of our need for shelter.

Also, COME TO THE PARTY TOMORROW.  We gotta celebrate the fact that regardless of what happened in court today, 123 is never gonna die!


2 responses to “Court Report

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  2. To address the ABC no Rio-related comment above: Your accusations about political pacification via government funding is quite accurate; when I sent an e-mail voicing my disgust at a local art-house movie theatre in the West Village that saw fit to show films glamorizing the prison industrial complex AND invited officials from the wretched institution to speak at a screening (without inviting any survivors of the penal system to speak as well), I referenced my ties to Books through Bars NYC, which originated in ABC no Rio, with whom we still share a website. I was lambasted by an ABC no Rio employee for invoking the name of the community center. Apparently it is better to keep quiet about one’s politics at this former anarchist space than risk incurring the ire of those that would laugh at depictions of the misery of the incarcerated…

    Were Books through Bars housed at a space like 123, I imagine I would receive no negativity for addressing such issues.

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